Steps to Becoming a Licensed Establishment

Apply online

The Application

You're ready to take the next steps on your journey to offer video gaming at your establishent.  Congratulations!  Before you do anything else, we urge you to call or email us.  There are a few steps left, and we can help make sense of everything.  As your future partner in video gaming, we want to make this as smooth a process as possible.

Every potential establishment needs to register and complete an application for licensing online at the Illinois Gaming Board website.  The application can be found HERE. 

Standard Use Agreement

Once your application is approved the licensed establishment owner enters into a standard use agreement with us as your Terminal Operator. The agreement outlines the largely regulated terms between the two companies. The operator brings installs, and maintains the gaming equipment. Not only does the operator give a percentage of the earnings to the establishment, the operator must also pay the taxes due to the state of Illinois. The licensed establishment provides public access to the gaming terminals to those over 21 years old (only) and maintains an on premise liquor license, with the exception of truck stops which are not required to have a liquor license. The Gaming Board oversees a central computer system which monitors all activity on the machines, provides mutual transparency, and accountability to all parties involved.

Ongoing Support

B & B Amusement will work with you to select the ideal VGTs for your location, and schedule a time to complete the installation that works best for all parties involved.  From there we will continually work with you to ensure you achieve the full potential of this partnership.