Loyalty Program

Our loyalty program was created as a way for us to give back to our customers and it’s so easy!  Sign in, earn points, get prizes!

Kiosks are placed inside our game rooms for our customers to easily access the loyalty program.

Each member will create a profile with their personal information so the kiosk recognizes their account when they sign in. 

Players can sign in every 60 minutes to earn points to put towards prize redemption.  After the 5th sign in, you are eligible to play a game which can earn you extra points quickly.  Prizes are redeemable on the kiosk and players will receive an email/text to confirm their redemption. 

 Here’s how it works!

  1. Sign up/register at one of our kiosk locations
  2. To Sign in you will enter your phone number
  3. Every time you sign in you will earn 100 points.  Every 5 check-ins you will receive a promotional game allowing you to earn extra points!  You can check in as often as every hour and the kiosk will keep track of your points and inform you of how much you earn every time you sign in!
  4. When you are ready to redeem check out our prize list and find which items you’re eligible to redeem!


Sign up and start earning points today!

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