Video Gaming is a win for all parties

Gaming generates much needed funds for capital improvement projects in Illinois.

Gaming in Illinois is growing

With passage of the Video Gaming Act of 2009, owners of certain type of establishments in Illinois have the opportunity to expand their offerings with video gaming terminals (VGTs). From slots to video poker to black jack, VGTs enhance the experience of patrons, attract new customers, and offer venue owners a high-yield, low-effort, low-cost revenue stream. As technology advances and more communities recognize the benefits of supporting these establishments.


Who Qualifies?

The following establishments are currently eligible to have video gaming terminals on premises.

Licensed Retail Establishment

The most common way to qualify for Video Gaming Terminals is a licensed retail establishment. In order to qualify as a licensed retail establishment, the establishment must, be licensed to have alcohol “drawn, poured, mixed, or otherwise serviced for consumption on its premises.” In other words the establishment must have an “on premise” or “combined” liquor license issued to them by the state of Illinois, and local municipality.

Licensed Fraternal Establishment

To qualify as a licensed fraternal organization the location must be a place where a qualified fraternal organization that derives its charter from a national fraternal organization regularly meets.

Licensed Veterans Establishment

To qualify as a licensed veterans establishment the location must be a place where a qualified veterans organization that derives its charter from a national veterans organization regularly meets.

Licensed Truck Stop Establishment

In order to qualify as a licensed truck stop establishment the following requirements must be met.

  • Must be at least a 3-acre facility with a convenience store.
  • Have separate diesel islands for fueling commercial motor vehicles.
  • Must sell more than 10,000 gallons of diesel fuel per month.
  • Must provide parking spaces for commercial motor vehicles.

If you have questions about whether your establishment will qualify to be licensed with the Illinois Gaming Board, please give us a call. We would be happy to introduce ourselves to you and offer whatever help, information, or services we can provide.

revenue chart

How Much Revenue Could I Earn?

Adding video gaming into your establishment can generate significant revenues. Industry data provided by Arduin, Laffer & Moor Economics projects that reasonable median revenue per VGT is $45,000 annually.

Projections range from $60 to over $150 win per unit per day (WPU), or as much as $136,875 for the host establishment each year. While the WPU will be determined by a number of factors, B & B Amusement of Illinois will work with you to make sure we have the games best suited for your establishment. Our approach will be to utilize games based on proven performance.

If you want to increase your averages, be sure that you have marketing material on the outside of your building within municipality guidelines, so patrons know video gaming is inside. Additionally, consider adjusting your hours of operation, based on your liquor license hours to capture earlier gaming business by opening your location earlier.

Your Gaming Partner

Video Gaming is a complex business because all participants in the video gaming market must be licensed: from the manufacturers building the games to the companies that distribute the games, to the operators who manage them at the host location. Each licensed establishment is required to work with a licensed operator such as B & B Amusement of Illinois.

B & B Amusement of Illinois will place gaming equipment in your licensed establishment. We will provide and maintain the equipment at no cost to the establishment. We manage all the cash handling, including paying player winnings through an automated payout device. The machines are made by internationally recognized manufacturers that adhere to rigorous testing and undergo a validation process to ensure compliance with national and state standards in order to be approved by the Illinois Gaming Board.

The licensed terminal operator ensures that the machines in your business are connected to the state’s central communications network so that revenues are tracked accurately. The Illinois Video Gaming Act requires that revenues be shared equally between the retailer and the operator. The split is based on net terminal income (“NTI”). NTI is the difference between the cash deposited into the gaming machines and the winnings paid to players. Thirty percent (30%) of NTI is paid to the State immediately. The remaining seventy percent (70%) is shared equally by the establishment and the operator. For example, if the NTI is $100,000, the establishment and the operator would each earn $35,000 ($100,000 * 70% * 50%). The Terminal Operator and the establishment owner cannot own, manage, or have any control of the other’s business.

Operators are responsible for 100% of all capital costs and after-tax profits are split 50/50 between the operator and the establishment.  This requirement safeguards the reliability of the statewide gaming system, which in turn promotes public and regulatory confidence in the industry.